About the BLItz System

The BLItz® system is the perfect starter instrument for any lab, with a price that everyone can afford. Designed just for small experiments, its single-sample format makes assays easy to set up and run. Even if you're new to label-free assays, you'll be on your way to getting information-rich, real-time data in no time.

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Just give the system a 4-µL drop of sample, and it does the rest!

BLItz System
  • Stop waiting on results — check for the presence of proteins in media or lysate in 30 seconds. Learn more.
  • Get way more than A280 — quantitate specific and active proteins in solution, not just total protein. Learn more.
  • Optimize with purpose — get more insight into specific assay conditions for more robust ELISAs. Learn more.
  • Troubleshoot your immunoassays faster — check antibody binding and biotinylation to account for variation. Learn more.
  • Watch your binding live — characterize protein interactions and determine rate constants at a fraction of the price of other methods. Learn more.

For more complex assays, take a look at our Octet systems.

Using the BLItz System is Easy

Just take the system out of the box. You can start running protein characterization assays right at your lab bench, right away.

  1. Pipette a 4 µL drop of sample into the sample holder.
  2. Install a biosensor.
  3. Select your assay and click GO. The BLItz system starts giving you results immediately!