BLItz System Applications

The BLItz® system is a personal assay system, letting you do label-free analysis right at your bench—no core lab necessary. You can easily test column fractions for presence of your protein of interest, check protein activity before starting a complex experiment, characterize proteins in cell lysates in their folded state or monitor protein expression. The BLItz system gives you results in a just a few seconds or minutes—not the hours it takes with gels, blots or other methods. All you need is a drop of sample!

  • Determine protein presence/absence instantly
  • Analyze binding kinetics at your bench
  • Quantitate proteins in seconds
  • Develop immunoassays in minutes

No labels needed. When you don’t have to use labeling reagents, you save time and cut costs. Fewer assay steps translates to faster assay development, and results are more reliable when analyzing unmodified proteins.

Get data in real time. Viewing binding events in real time provides instantaneous answers, and binding curve shapes provide more information on protein quality. Real-time data also lets you measure kinetic rate constants for association and dissociation and affinity.

Use a drop of sample. Because you only need 4 µL of sample, analysis that was previously limited by small volumes is possible. The BLItz system lets you conserve precious, difficult to obtain reagents.

Crude sample analysis. The BLItz system only detects the signal change as molecules bind to or dissociate from the biosensor surface, so complex solutions are easily analyzed. Proteins can be assayed directly in cell lysates, hybridoma supernatants, up to 10% DMSO and glycerol — so sample prep time is significantly reduced.

Simple operation. Anyone can learn how to use the BLItz system in no time, there are no complex components or protocols. Just take the BLItz system out of the box and its ready to go. You can start running samples in a matter of minutes with minimal effort.

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