Protein Presence

The BLItz® system detects the presence or absence of active proteins in just a drop of sample, and lets you easily identify a specific protein in complex solutions. Data from the BLItz system complements existing methods like blots and gels, and its real-time binding curves give instant visual confirmation.

A 30-second test using Protein A biosensors shows the presence of human IgG in a purified sample. Positive and negative controls are also shown.

Applications include:

  • Specific checks in complex samples.  Run specific tests for your protein in complex samples such as cell lysates, serum and other expression media. Check for presence of IgG using Protein A, Protein G and Protein L biosensors as well as HIS- and GST-tagged proteins using HIS and GST biosensors. Streptavidin (SA) biosensors can be tagged with a specific capture protein to create customized assays for all other proteins.
  • Analysis of column fractions.  Test for the presence of your protein of interest in column fractions. Do quick checks on pooled fractions and flow-through for absence of proteins.
  • Relative ranking of protein expression.  Quickly check relative expression levels of a few samples with no need for purification.

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Application and Technical Notes


  • Running a Quick Yes/No Experiment
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  • Scientific publications on the BLItz system can be browsed by application area or pinpointed by keyword search here.