Protein Quantitation

Absorbance is quick, but readings at 280 nm only quantify the total protein in solution. The BLItz® system measures concentration of specific proteins without labeling or secondary reagents—even in crude media. Accurate quantitation is obtained across a 5-log dynamic range with sensitivity down to ng/mL. Protein quantitation that can take several hours to generate with HPLC, ELISA, and Western blots are ready in just a few seconds with the BLItz system.

A 5-log dynamic range is seen for quantitation of human IgG on Protein A biosensors. Unknown samples are quantitated by interpolation of their binding rate against a standard curve.

Applications include:

  • Determination of protein and antibody titer. Measure the level of expressed protein in crude samples with no need for purification. Some application areas include cell line development and clone selection.
  • Bioprocess development. Optimize media and process conditions much faster with the BLItz system.
  • Bioprocess monitoring. Test protein concentration in a 4-µL drop of sample without purification. The BLItz system enables monitoring for protein production in micro bioreactors, where the total volume of cultures can be just a few hundred microliters.

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Application and Technical Notes


  • Scientific publications on the BLItz system can be browsed by application area or pinpointed by keyword search here.